Our Medical Projects

Find here the list of all our applications and projects related to medical technologies

FD Connect

Manage your data flows with FD Connect, this tool allows you to connect to different information flows, save them

process them in a specific way (thanks to python scripts) and retransmit them to your tools in all available formats

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AIMA (Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistant) is the main project that the company FDevelopment is working on. It is an intelligent medical assistant.

This application, coupled with one or more biomedical devices, AIMA is the solution to monitor your health on a daily basis.

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H.A.D.E.S (Heart. Analyze. Detection. Ermergency. Safe). is an application that is an extension, see a module of the AIMA project.

it will allow combined with a portable ECG to analyze and detect different arrhythmias in real time.


FD BACKUP is a freeware utility that allows you to backup and restore your tables

on your SQL Server database

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