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Software Architect - Data Scientist
Methods and practice in epidemiology
Methods and management of healthcare databases
Director of the company FDevelopement.

Certification 70-461. Query 2012/2014

Certification Embarcadero. Delphi XE

DU Méthode et gestion DB de la santé

DU Méthode et pratique en épidémiologie


Multi platform

We develop all types of applications for Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS.

Transform your heavy client applications under Delphi into multi-OS compatible client/server applications (Windows, Android, IOS, Mac Os, Linux) and even Web thanks to the datanap/RAD server technology. We bring the web broker technique allowing you the transfer of cross-platform JSON/REST information


We develop all types of websites. Presentation, E-Commerce, etc.

Data Science

FDevelopment specializes in the development of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. We are currently working on artificial intelligence projects in the medical field, but we can also help you develop predictive algorithms in any other field. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


We can bring you our expertise in the field of development or optimization of your databases.

We are developers, development is our voice.

Computers are an integral part of everyone's daily life, to help us live better, it is important that software is made with competence and logic, our goal is to improve the daily life of everyone.