Our Medical Projects

Find here the list of all our applications and projects related to medical technologies and artificial intelligence

ARGOS Messenger

ARGOS Messenger is a PUSH notification server enabling you to create your own data exchanges between your applications via secure websockets

make your applications communicative and choose your own communication protocol. Argos Messenger is totally configurable and open

Argos Messenger is an extension of the ARGOS project that can operate independently.

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Fighting diabetes by reducing the use of insulin and improving living conditions for diabetics

This project is currently under development and combines artificial intelligence with the help of healthcare professionals such as dieticians.

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Is at the crossroads of technology and medicine, bringing revolutionary innovation to surgical safety. Using artificial intelligence, we anticipate and prevent vital distress during surgery, transforming every operating room into a predictive environment. Our algorithm detects signs of distress in advance, ensuring rapid intervention and improved patient safety. With VitalGuard, you can offer unrivalled peace of mind to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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FD BACKUP is a freeware utility that allows you to backup and restore your tables

on your SQL Server database

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